Energy levels are usually linked to the food you eat

Natural fructose i.e. sugar from fruit is better as it releases into blood slowly as compared to refined sugar and natural sweeteners.

Energy levels are usually linked to the foods you eat. High glycemic foods (simple sugar) provide a burst of energy but let you down immediately.

Foods which are lower on the glycemic index provide a long term supply of energy.

Refined carbohydrates/simple or complex lack the vitamins, minerals and fiber which whole food possess. These refined products deplete your body of stored minerals and vitamins.

Eating refined or processed carbohydrates increases the glycemic release and results in food carvings.

These cravings put you out of balance and convince you to eat more than you need.

When you take a balanced breakfast you get hold of the situation. Make it a habit to eat fewer refined and processed foods to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. When you have steady blood sugar it means unending energy.

Likewise, with a balanced breakfast shake you will get the precise amount of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fat which your body needs.

Both men and women needs 50 percent of carbohydrates. For example men need 30 percent protein and 20 per cent fat, while women need 20 percent protein and 30 percent fat.

When a woman’s diet is deficient in good fats, she craves too much food. When men don’t get enough protein or can’t digest this protein, they eat too much as well. So its time we should understand the fact that energy levels are usually linked to the food you eat.

- healthandcare

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