Kuwait, Iran complement, respect one another

KUWAIT: The Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi is visiting Kuwait on Wednesday morning and will meet with His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah and the National Speaker Jassem Al-Kharafi, said Iran's charge d'affaires in Kuwait Dr. Mohammad Shihabi in a press release on Monday.

The high-level Iranian delegation will also meet with their counterpart the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister "to discuss ways of cementing relations and the latest regional and international developments." Shihabi went on to say that Iran has been the target of a malicious campaign for so long "managed and directed by the Zionist establishment with the purpose of tarnishing the good reputation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But open minded people are fully aware of such smear campaigns and will never be dragged to such ignorance and plight of sectarianism." Shihabi said that Iran never seeks wars or military conflicts with other countries, but only seeks to see dignity to all humanity as well as peace for the nations of the world to enjoy safety and security.

"The invasion of Kuwait and the occupation of Ahwaz was a dream for Saddam which never came true. Iran and Kuwait enjoy full sovereignty; respect each other; and have no ill intention against each other's territorial borders," he noted, inviting the press to come and visit the province of Khuzestan to see for themselves how the people there are enjoying their lives after the triumph of the Islamic revolution in 1979. As for the Iranian spy ring, the Charge d'affaires expressed his surprise that the news about the Iranian spy ring were made public before the final judiciary steps were taken.

"To this day, we have no idea what is going on in the case. Every time we meet with Kuwaiti officials, they deny any role of the Iranian authority. We trust the Kuwait judiciary system and we hope any preliminary rulings would be revoked. Iran in not in need of more territorial space, wealth and certainly have no interest in spying," he said. Shihabi said that the number of mosques and religious institutes for the Sunni school of thought has multiplied, adding that there are Sunni representatives in the Parliament and other state councils.

"We are very proud of our scientific achievement just as Kuwait is proud of its financial capabilities. We together complement one another. We are going through a very difficult time and therefore caution is needed. We should be fully aware of the true enemy and that is the Zionist entity who tries very hard to split the Sunnis and Shiites," he said. Shihabi stressed that Kuwait and Iran are communicating with one another at the highest level to cement relations and to ensure a united front against hostile forces.


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